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1. Austine Jnr Matt
Wayforward Financial Service dose above excellence and they are reliable.


2. Matthew Prunier 
Deidre B. took great care of me! She went above and beyond in explaining my options and how everything would work. Going forward, she is the only one I'd be willing to work with and trust my account with. Wayforward Financial Service are reliable and dependable and you will not be disappointed!

3. Patrick Hechmer
Wayforward Financial Service there service is always great and my loan application was very fast despite being blacklisted.

4. Gray Willie
The representative was nice, friendly and helpful: Martins was so so helpful every time i need a loan i will be sure go back to Wayforward Financial Service for a loan.

5. Theria Jerry
Wayforward Financial Service offer me a consolidation loan of $32.000.00 to me to pay back at # percent interest rate. The intesr

6. Evelyn Remy: Contact Wayforward Financial Service to resolve your financial issues, My loan application was approved with 14 working house

7Cornelis Jacobus Langenhoven

I found wayforward financial service easy to access with excellent customer care support in processing my loan application and crediting of the approved loan finds to my bank account. The whole process was very quick and simple and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of setting up their own business.

8. Theodore Jantjies Paul 

This opportunity that has been given to me will hopefully not just change my life but many others going forward. Support and communications from wayforward financial service were excellent and quick. I would like to say although words will not justify how grateful I am especially in the current climate we face, they have gone all out to help me reach my goal, which in turn gives me even more belief in what I am trying to achieve. Thank you wayforward financial service for this business loan. 

9Andreas Liebenberg Chris 

I would recommend applying for a business Start Up Loan without question that you contact Wayforward Financial Service. The support I received during the processing of my loan application was fantastic. All the steps were very clear and you knew exactly what was happening throughout the whole process. 

10. Felix Coetzee
The advice and support received so far has been valuable. I would not be able to execute my business plan without their help. I hope to continue my relationship with Startup Loans throughout the course of this venture. Recommended for any startups out there! 

11. Colleen De Reuck
I was blacklisted and i need a business loan of R450.000, It was a fare bit of paperwork to fill in but after that everything was easy. Ian Jones was nominated to assist myself and he was great. My loan application has been approved and credited to me. 

12. Stoffel du Plessis
The process was pretty much painless and swift with Wayforward Financial Service. Straight forward as long as you prepare and commit to the process! Show your passion about what you’re looking to do and your dedicated advisor will be on your side. Wayforward Financial Service are dependable.

13. Johnny du Plooy
I’m from Vanderbijlpark, I was having difficulties getting a loan because I was blacklisted by my bank, I was directed to Wayforward Financial Service by my friend's husband because they gave him a business loan that he used in purchasing his business bakkie. I contacted Wayforward Financial Service via WhatsApp. I submitted all my document for the loan application processing. Within 2 days I got a mail from Wayforward Financial Service that my loan has been approved so I registered my loan application for the crediting of my applied loan funds to my bank account. I got my loan in my bank account the next day. You can contact Wayforward Financial Service if you are facing the same problem I was facing to get a loan being blacklisted. Wayforward Financial Service are dependable and trustworthy. 

14. Robyn de Groot
I am a Farmer from Johanessburg. I needed a farming loan of R840.560.00 and i saw a comment from Mrs Karolien Botha on how she got a business loan from Wayforward Financial Service despite being blacklisted. I contact Wayforward Financial Service for a farming loan of R340.560.00. My loan application was granted after they reviewed my loan application document.

15. Johannes Geldenhuys Quintin
I got my business loan from Wayforward Financial Service after reading about their loan offers for blacklisted people. My loan application was granted with the required document.

16Stokkies Hanekom Bernard 

I needed a consolidation loan of R180.000 to expand my business. Wayforward Financial Service gave me a business loan with maximum documentation of the loan given to me. they are reliable and dependable. 

17. Johannes Hermanus Grobler
The entire process for my loan application from Wayforward Financial Service, was fast, efficient, and highly professional. I'm impressed with the quality of help received. The loan will help me set up a wellness & fitness service in Edinburgh. I'm very grateful to start up loans for helping me transform my dream into reality! 

18. Charlie Brayn Gelderen
I will recommended everyone who would like to start running its own business to Wayforward Financial Service, you will get a lot of information and very helpful advices! They gave me a $50.000 loan to start my business and my business is doing well.

19. Krom Hendricks
My Business application from Wayforward Financial Service was really helpful, answering all my silly questions and explaining everything really well. The process was made really simple.

20. Steven Jones
This is an  extremely good service for people looking to business start up and the help and support giving all during the process was fabulous

21. T. O. Honiball
My credit score was very low and i need a loan to buy a car and i was directed to Wayforward Financial Service  because i saw a post online about Wayforward Financial Service on how they gave Mrs. Gina a loan despite her being under credit review to buy a car. Wayforward Financial Service really is great, my loan application process was easy and the use of the chat system online meant I could easily talk to my advisor Patrick, who was a massive help and really painted me a picture of what was needed in the documents.

22. Lisa Fugard Jopie 
The support I received in completing the loan application form was great and There were a range of amendments which needed to be made & this assisted me in understanding more about my business & the application process.

23. Stefans Grové
For affordable and reliable loan with convenient repayment plans and splendid interest rate at 3% contact Wayforward Financial Service for business loan. Low credit, blacklisted and debt review can apply for a business loan. I was blacklisted and i needed to expand my business so i saw a post on facebook comment section by direction people to Wayforward Financial Service for a business loan despite being blacklisted

24. Bernard Hartze Nicolaas 
Wayforward Financial Service offred me a business loan of £1.400.000 for my property development business and the approved loan funds was really helpful because it took my business to another face of growth, Wayforward financial service answering all my silly questions and explaining everything really well. The process was made really simple, easy to follow.

25. Maggie Laubser
I had a very positive experience with my loan application processing from Wayforward financial service they were fast and efficient with my application and I secured the funds I needed. 

26. Robbie Jansen Conrad 
I’m here to recommend everyone to Wayforward Financial Services who need a loan. My Husband passed away, he was diagnosed with cancer of the brain and I needed an urgent loan of R100.000 to pay his medical needs. I was searching online on how to get a loan and I saw a post from Mrs. Cristina Bosch Botha and she was referring people to Wayforward Financial Service for a business loan because she got a business loan of R320.000 she used in purchasing equipment in her Farm. I was so desperate to pay my husband's hospital bills I contacted Wayforward Financial Service via their email address, the loan application form was sent to me for processing of my applied loan application. I filled the loan application form with the required document needed for the processing of my loan application, I was told that I will have to register my loan application by the financial department for approval of the loan application and documentation of the loan given to me and I did register my applied loan application. My applied loan funds was credited to my bank account 3 working hours after my loan registration. Wayforward Financial Service are dependable and trustworthy. I’m happy because I have paid the hospital every cent I hold them. Thanks to Wayforward Financial Service.

27. Hendricks Albert Hertzog
The guidance given to me during my loan application processing from wayforward financial service customer care service was excellent. My loan application was being processed and the approved loan funds was credited to my bank account within 4 working hours after i submitted my applied loan application. 

28. Cornelis Jacobus 
The support I received in completing the application form from wayforward financial service customer care service was amazing and there were a range of amendments which needed to be made & this assisted me in understanding more about my business & the application process.

29. Langenhoven Maggie
I have received really good service and assistance from wayforward financial service customer care service!Wayforward financial service customer care service offer made, my loan application processing much very successful and fast process for me and make every detail very easy to understand and actually made it so easy for me to understand and before I knew my applied loan application was successful and the approved loan of €400.000 was credited in my bank account! Thank you to wayforward financial service. I really appreciated for all their help during my business loan application processing! 

30. Fanie Lombaard Stephanus
I am very pleased about the experience for my business start up loan. The process to get my file approved didn't take too long and I appreciated the level of communication from the customer care at wayforward financial service because they well very respectfully and honest. There are also plenty of supported documents and resources to help with the business plan. I definitely recommend Wayforward financial service if you are looking for finances to start your business.

31. Willem Louw
Wayforward financial service loan application processing was very simple, the paperwork document given to me was not so much, but the loan advisor was incredibly hands on, very helpful, hands on and gave superb support. They gave me a loan despite being blacklisted.

32. Mandy Loots Grace
The application was smooth, clear and with genuine help from my loan application to be approved and credited to my bank account by Wayforward Financial Service. This is by far the most reliable and honest process I’ve experienced in 12 years. They genuinely want to help create a new business and economy.

33. Eric Louw Joyce
Very easy process to apply - all required documentation has easy to use templates and guides.
Once an advisor had been assigned the application moved far quicker than expected! Thoroughly impressed!

34. Jacob Cuyler Gina
Wayforward financial service team that help me during the processing of my loan application were all professional, kind and collaborative. Created a conducive atmosphere and genuinely tried to find a solution to help me not only secure the loan but to also address areas that needed on my business model. Would recommend this wayforward financial service for a business loan for sure. 


35. Johan Kriek Paul
My experience was so wonderful. Things were so smooth and very quick and my loan application processing was stress free. I had a great support and guidance from wayforward financial service customer care service and they are very helpful.

36. Krom Hendricks Gabriella
The experience was seamless and so much support and guidance was provided throughout the signing up stage and my loan application processing. Would recommend Wayforward Financial Service to anyone!

37. Nicolaas Havenga 
I had a very positive experience with the business start up loan from Wayforward Financial Service customer care service. Wayforward Financial Service approved a business of loan of €190.000 They were fast and efficient with my application and I secured the funds I needed for my truck business.

38. Liebenberg Fanie Lombaard
Wayforward Financial Service was really good they helped me get my business started up and had the approved loan funds £40.000 to be able to help me get myself going I would use them again in the near future. You can rely on Wayforward Financial Service either being backlisted or under debt review.

39. Colleen De Reuck
Wayforward Financial Service loan application processing was very quick and straight forward. Each section had help and templates were available making the whole process easier. Wayforward Financial Service gave me a business loan of R120.000 to buy my machine for my business. 

40Gé Korsten Johan 

I got my business loan of R250.000 from Wayforward Financial Service after reading about their business loan offers. My loan application was granted with the required document needed for processing my loan application. They are trustworthy. 

41. Thomas Harris Jnr

I applied for a start up loan to help fund my small business. Simple application and lots of support from the team made the process quite straightforward and stress free.

42CF Bezuidenhout Stella

The agents at wayforward financial service are always available to answer my questions. The loan application process was dealt with a timely manner. They have been very supportive and positive

43Arthur Kemp Jan 

I found the whole loan application processing simple and wayforward financial service was extremely helpful for the approval of the R900.000 business loan given to me for my business. 

44. Jack Antony Karly

The whole process was explained clearly. I always spoke to the customer care  agent during the loan application processing, both by phone and whatsap, so we made progress quickly and I was able to collect everything he asked for to support my application. Once my application was really was ready the decision was made much faster than anticipated and the money was in my account ahead of time too. Thanks for all your help My business adviser!

45Robbie Jansen Conrad 

I was very impressed with how I was kept updated every step of the way during my loan application processing. 

46Amapro Engelbrecht Sybrand

Really pleased with the service I received from wayforward financial service. The process of applying was very clear and easy and the business loan repayment plan was extremely helpful for a first-time loan applicant like me. Wayforward financial service advice and guidance I received was really helpful and encouraging. I would not hesitate to recommend the service to others

47Joyce Kruger David

At the beginning I did not have much hope so when the loan was approved, I couldn't quite believe it!! These people gave me and my husband the chance to fulfil our dream and I cannot thank them enough!! Wayforward financial service is irreplaceable in securing the loan. Thank you so much for everything you did for us wayforward financial service!!!! 🙏 

48Johannes Geldenhuys Quintin 

Honestly I was not aware of wayforward financial service before I applied. I was in my office and I just was searching for a loan firm where i can get a help as I was going too. I read about the wayforward financial service stories online and thought to give it a try. The process was so smooth that I provided my loan application documents with the plans and evidences to the Advisor, my loan application was finalized within working and I received funds in my bank account.

49Pieter Grobbelaar Johannes 

My wife and I submitted a joint application and we received an amazing support by our business advisor. He has been thorough and extremely helpful in reviewing it and helping us to submit it in the best possible way. The whole process was extremely easy and transparent.


50Christian Frederick Beyers

It was a tough and good experience as they needed many documents in order to review and process the application. Plus, I was under the impression that this was purely a business loan but when i signed the agreement, it was a personal loan for business purposes. Thanks a lot Wayforward financial service. They are dependable.

51.Mark Nelson Jnr 
I really like the way Wayforward Financial Service help with my loan application processing. I got a loan business of $89.000 from Wayforward Financial Service and the customer care service called me every day to update on whats happening. Will recommend them to everyone.

52.Gloria Garcia
iam happy with the overall service provided by Wayforward Financial Service always in touch and kept me updated on the loan status. recommend people to use Wayforward Financial Service for any business loan.

53.Christopher Grace
came across this site while i was searching for a personal loan on the net. their service is good and they work with different banks. someone from their team actually calculated the savings i will have for loans with part payment versus lower interest rates so i could choose the best offer. got loan from Wayforward Financial Service.


Elizabeth Osteen
There are a few sites around but i had great satisfaction working with wayforward financial service customer care service. wayforward financial service they called me immediately and gave me a good offer for my business loan at 3% interest rate. I got the money yesterday. special thanks to divya from their team for calling me daily and giving status updates.

55. Faith De Villa 
I was really happy to get my loan through wayforward financial service. I got instant approval from wayforward financial service partnered bank and the documents were picked up the very next day. they processed the loan within 4 working hours and my loan application was approved at 3% interest rate.

56. Mellody  Peace Grey
I was looking at renovating my house with a modular kitchen, new flooring and a mini lawn. The overall cost was approximately $88.0000. I used the house as my loan collateral. I submitted my loan application to wayforward financial service and within 8 working hours on Thursday my loan was approved and credited to my bank account. I have gotten a loan for renovating my house. A quick search helped me find you guys and you sure did a good job in helping me with the best offer on my personal loan. The interiors is on right now and I would remember you guys every time someone appreciates the house. Thanks for the quick support and turn around time.

57. Mercy Gina
It was a smooth process till the documentation and approval from wayforward financial service. They are trustworthy and reliable.  

58. Jennifer Morgenstern

Thank to wayforward financial service for your help on my loan application processing. i needed to clear my credit card outstanding and this approved loan sure helped me a great deal. It was also a great deal with wayforward financial service. Thanks a lot. Cheers!

59. Shores Peter Martins

I was planning a travel with my family to Europe from the 15th August to the 4th of September. I had budgeted for approximately $18.000 but the spend was not over shooting. Thanks to Calvin friend of mine who told me about wayforward financial service personal loans that can be used for travel. I guess the travel loan was a blessing in disguise as I got to do more than what I had initially planned with my family. Thank you wayforward financial service team for assisting me on this. Also, thanks for the great offer on the currency exchange bit.

60. Walter Bernard 

I got a business loan of $90.000 from wayforward financial service  through this site. The experience was very good and interest rate was very reasonable. The approval was also fast.

61. Gabby Williams

This is a very good service sir and I have applied for a mortgage loan through your site for some money I needed. The girl who spoke with me on phone gave lot of help and told me how much banks will approve. It is a good thing you are doing and big help for people who want loan.

62. Praise Kelvin Donald

Dealing with you wayforward financial service was a great experience because of the personal service I received. the customer care service gave me a lot of information which was very helpful and I will be extra careful of my credit rating going forward. Anyway thanks to the wayforward financial service for trying your best. I will come back the next time when i want to apply and also recommend you guys wayforward financial service to my friends and relatives.

63. Greatness Wayne

I got a loan from wayforward financial service through this website. It was a smooth process and I was informed about all the steps in advance. The website was easy to use ad I look forward to using more of your services. Wayforward financial service are very supportive

64. Jennifer Gillies

A friend who had used wayforward financial service for business loan recommended me to get a medical loan recently. I had a very good experience with the entire process and they tried to process it as quickly as possible.

65. Justine Albert

They are very good for loans. their people called me every day to tell me status of my loan. best service and help from a site

66. Yusuf Ahmed 

I was exploring a business loan in Delhi where I stumbled upon wayforward financial service. Spoke to one of the consumer care service to understand that the loans platform just went live. But the experience is phenomenal. I am sure you guys will do great. However, still to get a call from the bank guys and my business loan was credited

67. David Jeffreys's 

I have got a medical loan and there is much information on the site about all these loans. There is an article which a friend sent to me on wayforward financial service blogs which actually helped me choose this site.

68. Donny Gillies

My loan application from wayforward financial service was very quick. Thank you for the help, wayforward financial service are helpful.

69. Debra Williams

My loan application was very fast. wayforward financial service customer care were very supportive. I got my loan at 3% interest rate. Thank you

70. Harris Leon Jnr

best interest rates, best advice and best service, i want to thank the person who called me for arranging my loan without leaving my home. She was very helpful

71. Debbie Love
The service is nice and the people are good

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